Your Path to Desire


What Drives You?

I am your new path to desire. Forget all that you knew – I am everything to you now and I will push you to your limits. Many times, I am asked what to expect from sessions. Explore the pages within my website an
d you will understand exactly what each customized session will provide for you.

Delve into each layer of submission and discover the true meaning of happiness.  There is no one-size-fits-all level of pleasure and every session is tailored to your needs as a submissive, as well as my needs as your Mistress. Each session I craft is a true work of art in which I dominate your body, mind and spirit with a full complement of disciplinary techniques.

Every layer and every session will only further your inner satisfaction and bring you closer to the happiness you seek, whether it is through a casual session or a deeper level of servitude. I am strict, demanding, and sadistic. I can be cruel but also sympathetic to the needs of the novice.

Image 4Initiating a Session

Your session will always begin with open communication prior to meeting so that I can evaluate your needs and experience. You must be willing to communicate in order to keep sessions safe and sane. Confess your kinks, fetishes and dark desires to me. The more you disclose, the more potent my power to control you. As a professional Dominatrix, it is important that the scenes run smoothly. Therefore, I insist you disclose your limits and pain thresholds. My sessions are never rushed. We must communicate and negotiate well beforehand so the scene executes perfectly when we meet.


The rules: I am a BDSM professional and will NEVER perform illegal sexual acts. I ONLY provide legal BDSM activities so DO NOT ASK FOR SEX. You must be at least 21 years of age. There should be no alcohol or narcotics in your system at the time of the session or scene. You MUST remain respectful to me at ALL TIMES. Any misbehavior will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to terminate scenes at my discretion. All sessions and scenes are carries out with safety, sanity & are consensual. Any violation of these rules will terminate the session immediately. No excuses, no exceptions.

“Legal Representation by Walters Law Group,

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