Extravagant Sessions & Extras

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Whether it is a weekend of pain and pleasure somewhere exotic or being topped by an additional Dominatrix or Master, allow me to put together the ultimate session for you.

Double Domination

Double the pain, double the pleasure… an extra Dominatrix or Master will surely bring you to heights you have only previously dreamed of. Imagine the kiss of two sets of floggers on you at the same time or four hands slapping and spanking. Imagine being punished by one Mistress while another holds you down. Your mind and body will be on overdrive, your senses completely overwhelmed. The pleasure from these sessions is clearly written across every client’s face afterwards.

Additional Slaves or Other Submissives

Misery loves company and sometimes it is exactly what a submissive requires. I can provide additional slaves or submissives (males and females) for a price. They will participate in the scene under my control and will provide that extra ambiance you are looking for. Watch as beautiful bodies writhe in pain next to yours under my control.


Are you an exhibitionist? Do you like the feeling of eyes watching your every movement under the whip? I can provide a discreet audience for those who desire it. Contact me for details.

Weekend Trips


5-DSC_0530Desire a Mistress to dominate you at a fetish event? I ensure your time at any event will be a memorable one. Travel is an option. I require all expenses to be paid, as well as a private room for myself. All arrangements must be worked out well in advance and prices will be negotiated.


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