Financial Slavery


Pamper Your Mistress

I aim for personal perfection as much as I demand it from you. I keep myself fit, clothed in the finest apparel, and well groomed. All of this comes with a hefty price. Financial domination comes in various ways from a weekly/monthly tribute to full financial takeover. Little things like hair, nails, personal trainer,  and makeup costs about $550 per month. You should participate in funding a part of it or all of it because I am superior and I want it.

Your highest honor should be pampering me. Do you have what it takes to provide a life of luxury for a beautiful woman?

Those who strive for this level of servitude bring me the most pleasure. See my Wish List page for thoughtful gift ideas or Contact Me to discuss a higher level of financial slavery.


“Legal Representation by Walters Law Group,

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