Heavy Play Sessions


Explore your Pain Threshold
























For those that prefer the intense side of BDSM, I am extremely adept at heavy play sessions including: flogging, single tail whips, ball busting, cock and ball torture, heavy electrical stimulation, corporal punishment, tease and denial, water sports and  more. If you so desire, I can lock you up overnight and throw away the key. You will come to fear me, yet love me all the same.

The Deepest Pain Brings the Greatest Pleasure

How far down the path of pain will you travel? Are you prepared to obey me? Misbehave and you will be punished swiftly and strictly with the kiss ofmy whip – or worse. When I have finished with you and you are nothing more than a quivering, bruised, and bloody heap of flesh, you will look into my eyes and know your true Mistress. You will never again be satisfied unless it is through the touch of my cold steel or stinging leather.

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